Discussion on: Mirgration from discourse to forem

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Evil Morty

Hey, this is Akhil!

Also, the migration depends on what you want to migrate.

  1. If you wanna migrate blog posts (you can)
  2. If it is some other kind of SQL data, you can't, until Forem team creates a relation database between Forem and your another project.
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Varhal Author

Hey, Akhil!

If we talks about wordpress, i need migrate blog posts:

  • Title, cover image and article content
  • Url and SEO metatags (title and description)

For discourse:

  • Users who have 1 or more post or comment
  • Posts + comments
  • Post and comments images

Is it possible to migrate this information to Forem?

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Evil Morty

Check about RSS and canonical URL in dev.to related to wordpress.

In case of discourse, nothing can be migrated, at least for now.